Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chitrasanthe 2011

The main entrance of Chitrakala Parishad

My stall

Art lovers at Chitrasanthe

My art collectors

Participating in Chitrasanthe was a good experience. More than 1300 artists took part in the event! The only bad side was that people asked for the paintings at very low prices. I was able to sell a few paintings, with some discount though! The weather also gave some trouble. It was blazing hot for a few hours in the morning but it became all right by late afternoon. Prabal, Praveen and I had booked our stalls together and so I had good company. Met some of my facebook friends too for the first time! All in all it was a good learning experience. The beginning of this year has been good for me. I sold 11 paintings in January. Hope the sales continue :)


  1. WOw thats great, Ramesh..Did you sell your watercolors or were those oil paintings?

  2. Thanks Arti! I sold both oil and watercolors :)

  3. I have been looking for you on FB. I wanted to hear all about this art fair. I am glad that it worked out well for you. You are on a roll for January. Hope the rest of the year continues to be a success for you!!

  4. Kathy, sorry I took some time to upload this! Haven't uploaded the album yet on FB. Thank you very much for your good wishes :)

  5. Dear Ramesh,
    Congrats on your success at the Chitrasanthe. Keep up your art works!
    Cheers, Sadami

  6. Congratulations on the sales! I find that in outdoor art shows, people are looking for bargains. It seems to be the nature of the event. I've learned to take several smaller ones so there is a good mix. Its always great to meet new people, and people we have met on line.

  7. Dear Sadami,
    Thank you so much for your good wishes :)

    Thanks a lot! Next time I'll take more smaller ones :)

  8. Excellent to see you out and selling!