Friday, February 25, 2011

Vegetable seller

Watercolor on paper
15 x 20 in.

Aloo le lo, pyaaz le lo, gaajar le lo, mooli le lo, bhindi le lo, neembu le lo, (the list goes on and on) le lo...le lo...le lo !!!
Sometime back, I heard this funny ringtone on my cousin's mobile. This painting always reminds me of that ringtone :))


  1. Lovely piece and you did a great job painting the gentleman. I like the color balance. Is this how veggies are sold in your country?

  2. very beautiful! reminded me of sabzi mandi!

  3. Kathy, thanks very much! Yes, we get our veggies from such market places known as 'sabzi mandi'. They are really crowded and chaotic but we like it this way ;)
    But now we also have organised supermarkets just as in the west!

    Prerana, thanks! Your comment is much appreciated.

  4. I like the old man sitting in the center of all those vegetables.
    @Kathy - At these places you get really fresh veggies. And whatever these guys are not able to sell goes to the cold storage of super markets, where it is sold for next 5-6 days. So super market veggies are not fresh you see.

  5. Incredible scene , so full of detail and color and LIGHT! Absolutely amazing.

  6. Prabal...thank you! That was good information :)

    Sreenivas...thanks buddy :)

    Thanks a lot. I m so glad you like it :)

    Karen...thanks! Comment much appreciated :)