Wednesday, June 24, 2009

After the exhibition...

I have not painted anything yet after my exhibition.Wondering what to paint and should I really continue?I mean I still have forty plus paintings left with me of various subjects...figures,landscapes,still lifes.Which subject should I continue?Is it better to stick to a single subject?Those which were sold were of mixed themes.So definitely its not easy for me to settle on one. Anyway,I'm leaving on a tour to Rajasthan and Delhi and so will not be able to post for sometime.Posting some images of my sold works.See ya!

Watercolor on Paper (9" x 13.5") Sold

Color pencils on paper (11" x 15") Sold

Charcoal & Color Pencils on Paper (12" x 16") Sold

Monday, June 15, 2009

My Show at Coimbatore

My first exhibition is over and it was a successful one.I wish to thank you all for your good wishes and encouragement which really helped me and gave me confidence.Nineteen of my works were sold and I made many new contacts with artists and art collectors there.Here are a few images from the show

Show inauguration by my parents and family members

My paintings at display

Visitors at the show

Some of my collectors

Media Coverage

Friday, June 5, 2009

Long Time!

Its been more than two weeks since I sat before my PC.It was another of my cousin's marriage last week,my brother and sister with their families came here on vacation and also to attend the wedding.Then there were the preparations for my show...packing, invitations etc.Oh it was so hectic!I was missing you I wanted to see your new posts (It would take me quite some time to get myself updated).
Coming wednesday till Sunday(10th to 14th of June),my solo show would be in Coimbatore city,which is 100 kms. from my town.Since I won't have any access to internet there,I will not be able to post anything for the next 10 days(sigh...)
Anyway,I am very excited and I pray everything goes on well!And anyone in Coimbatore checking out my blog,you are cordially invited!