Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A memorable trip

With Shri Milind Mulick and fellow blogger Sandeep Khedkar

Gorai Beach, Mumbai

Parimal Garden, Ahmedabad

Lake Palace, Udaipur

With fellow blogger Anurag Mehta

Hi all, I'm back from my trip. Yes...It was a long trip (a little more than 2 weeks) and a really memorable one! I travelled to Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and finally Udaipur. I met some of my blogger and facebook friends for the very first time during this trip and it was such a pleasure. They were all so friendly and helpful. This was my first visit to Udaipur and needless to say, I was awestruck by its beauty and I was just there at the right time. The cold weather was bearable and this year's bountyful rains had filled up all the lakes and it was the beginning of the tourist season particularly for the foreigners. Udaipur is very famous for its beautiful lakes and is truly called the romantic city of India (Ah...I missed my wife :) Anurag Mehta, who lives in Udaipur was kind enough to show me around his beautiful city. Thank you so much Anurag :)
I now have loads of photographs...should start working on them! More photographs on my FB page, here.
Last but not the least...many thanks for your generous comments on my last post. The result is out...the portrait format wins :))


  1. Glad you are back and I look forward to the beautiful paintings that will follow. Why does Milind look so sad? Now all of you guys better get back to those brushes and get some masterpieces going :)

  2. Thank U Ramesh.It was my fortunate to meet you.All the pics are great and i am waiting eagerly to see these pics get converted into beautiful paintings.

  3. Thanks Kathy! Even I'm glad to be back...ah! home...sweet home :)
    Yes...better get those brushes!

    Pleasure, Anurag! I better start painting soon :)

  4. You must have had a great time, ramesh! Can't wait to see some fantastic new works...

  5. Yes Arti...I did have a great time. The best part was meeting online friends in real :)