Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tomatoes anyone?

Watercolor on Paper
11 x 15 in.

This man seemed happy to pose for a photograph in the local vegetable market and I too found this a nice subject for painting :)


  1. ¡Excelente acuarela, Ramesh!
    Fresca y llena de color.

  2. Too good!I loved the smiling face of the man and also the how you captured the feel of the Indian vegetable market "Sabzi Mandi".:)

  3. Nice one. The man looks happy and the painting too looks very cheerful

  4. Nice loose spontaneous feel to this one. Lots of color and activity. So glad you enjoyed your trip and got lots of inspiration. I love it when we are excited about the paintings we can do in the future!

  5. Wow.. something different and lovely :)

  6. Nice, painterly feel to this one. Great friendly personality you captured in the man.

  7. @Yuan, thank you so much! Your comment is much appreciated.

    @Yasha, thanks a lot! You'll be seeing some more 'sabzi mundi' paintings by me :)

    @Prabal, thanks yaar!

    @Catherine, yes...I'm really excited about the number of paintings that would result from this trip! But I'm also overwhelmed by the number of references that I've got now and don't know which one should I paint first :)
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment.

    @Arti, thank you very much!

    @Nithya, thanks! Glad you like this :)

    @Michelle, thanks a lot for taking the time to comment on my painting. Much appreciated :)

  8. pyaaz kitne ke diye ? ;)
    feel-good painting..The man's smile cheers you up !
    and a welcome change in the subject too..