Saturday, March 27, 2010


Watercolor on paper
15 x 20 in.

This is a scene from Mumbai city. Can you believe? Well...Its actually a national park called the "Sanjay Gandhi National Park"in suburban Mumbai. I took some photographs when I visited the park. I actually wanted to capture some early morning shots but it rained heavily that morning and so I was able to visit only after 10 am. Nevertheless, got some good pictures of the park!
Painting this was pretty challenging! Did this in two sittings. Required much patience. Have used various techniques in this like spattering and scratching etc. But couldn't think of a good title! I'm sure you could suggest something better than this!
Another news which I want to share and pretty excited about is that myself, Prabal and Praveen (my blogger friends) will be doing a group show at Bangalore in the month of July. I came to know Prabal and PC (Praveen) through blogging and we are nice friends now! I've met Prabal personally twice now during my trips to Bangalore but yet to meet Praveen!

Have a great weekend :)


  1. Stunningly beautiful. I think I like the water and the reflections most. On second thoughts, maybe I like the foliage most. Well, no. I think I like the rocks and the pebbles most.

    Tell you what? I guess I like everything about it.

  2. It's absolutely breath taking!! WOW!! It's hard not to envy :) Great job! Congratulations...

  3. Awesome.. I love the water. :)

    You can name it as Green foliage or foliaceous. ;)

    Congrats!!! Its great to make friends with like minded people. Good luck. You guys will rock for sure. :)

  4. This has such a feeling of brilliant sunlight. Excellent job.

  5. Phenomenal, a wonderful work, full of light and power of expression. I love your interpretation and the manner of implementation.



  6. Excellent!
    I really, really like this watercolor work

  7. Everything about this one is so perfect. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  8. @ Sujit
    Thanks for liking everything about it :)
    @ Sreenivasa
    Thanks very much!
    @ Yasemin
    Thanks so much :)
    @ Nithya
    Thanks a lot for your good wishes and for suggesting titles :)
    @ Jeremy
    Thank you very much! Long time!!
    @ Isabella
    Thanks a lot! Comment much appreciated!
    @ Natal
    Thank you so much for liking my work :)
    @ Vinayak
    Thanks for your kind comment!

  9. What a beautiful painting and scene. Everything works so well, and you can almost sense the warmth and humidity. The composition is great..the eye moves around taking in the light reflections in the foreground and then back to the darkness in the trees. The blue and yellow reflections are so well done. I think this is one of those perfect paintings. Well done!!
    Congratulations on the show.

  10. Beautifully done Ramesh. I really liked the way the relfection of light is shown in your painting. Nice and keep up the good work.

  11. So finally we have it here.. I like it even more now as I am having enough time to look at it..

  12. @ Catherine
    Than you so much for your wonderful words :)
    @ Sastry
    Thanks a lot!!
    @ Prabal
    Thanks!! Looking forward to our show together :)

  13. beautiful painting . National Park is my fav location and end up painting almost every wkend there :)
    All the best for your show? is it at chitrakala Parishad?

  14. It's just an amazing paint, super realist, i love thecolors and the lights :)

  15. @Ajay
    Thanks very much!
    Thanks for your kind comment and foolowing my blog!

  16. Wow Ramesh! What more can you say but WOW! This is one of the most amazing watercolours I've seen in a long long time.

  17. Outstanding, Ramesh! You've done such an amazing job of keeping it loose while retaining the illusion of exceptional detail. And the light! Your work always has the most gorgeous light and clear,clean color!

  18. Sorry I missed this post earlier, Ramesh.I would have called it 'Reflections'!Its a very nice landscape.A tough one, too.I always find it hard to paint trees and leaves...Only the yellow in the water at the right corner is dragging all the attention to itself!Could it have been more subtle? Or is it just my imagination?
    And BTW, congrats for coming together for the show, guys.Its great news!

  19. "Full of light."

    That would be the best title for this painting, Ramesh!

    Congrats on the upcoming show too!


  20. Ramesh, this painting is mind-blowingly good. How on earth you indicated all of those rocks...just enough information. Beautiful light. Well, you rock! :-)
    (I have trouble coming up with names...)

  21. Hi Ramesh.Hi find no words to describe your paintings.Great work.When r u coming to mumbai?waiting for you.Ashik