Monday, November 15, 2010

Wet Road and its WIP

'Wet Road'
Watercolor on paper
15 x 11 in.


  1. Wow,Ramesh!You are fast becoming a pro at 'wet roads'!Great work. Thanks for sharing the process.I think the second one from the top looks better in terms of luminosity...or is it just the contrast of the photo?

  2. wet surfaces are difficult in any medium, you have certainly mastered the art, great painting!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous, Ramesh! How great to see how you got there.

  4. the wet and glossy effect is awesome Ramesh.
    you are taking rainy-day scenes to the next level :)

  5. @Arti,
    Thanks for the nice comment :)
    Its just the contrast of the image!

    Thank you very much for taking the time to visit and posting your lovely comment here :)

    Many thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

    Thanks so much buddy :)

  6. Fascinating to see how you build the painting especially from a person who does not paint themselves.

  7. Beautiful colors and reflections. The vivid blue in the foreground really stands out. The touches of yellow provide a nice contrast to all of the cool colors. Very nice!

  8. Hi,Ramesh..U R most welcome to Udaipur,please do inform me when you come to Udaipur.My cell No. is
    09414163915 and my e mail add. is

  9. @Goldfinch,
    Thank you so much sir!

    Thanks a lot for liking this :)

    Thanks for the details! See you soon :)

  10. It looks great. Interesting to see the process, too.

  11. Thanks for the step-by-step Ramesh! I've gone back through this 'wet road' series and you've got it absolutely nailed! I am now going to re-study these pics again!

  12. Lovely lovely work! I really liked seeing the wip. Love the reflections, the wet road, and jewel like colors :)

  13. it's nice to see your work step by step !
    your wet road paintings are all gorgeous !

  14. Michelle, Thank you very much!

    Liz, thanks a lot for liking my wet road series :)

    Meera, Thanks a lot! Your comment's much appreciated :)

    Marty, glad that you liked it.Many thanks for your comment!

  15. wow....gorgeous...i learned u r steps