Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Now its Red !


  1. Ramesh,

    Your work is wonderful.
    Best wishes.

  2. Wow.. looks cool..

    This pic reminds me of a photograph in today's news paper abt a play called "Urban Turban" by Evam. :)

  3. VEry good, Ramesh...I would hv loved it more had you added some of Rajasthan in his surroundings too:)But its great, even without it!

  4. From a wrinkly old guy in yellow to a regal one in red - wonderful Ramesh!

  5. Ramesh,
    I like the way you just build a painting around one dominating color. If I did it I would not have left so much space around the man. But I think the space around the man is adding to the royality that is depicted in his face, dress etc.

  6. Thanks Nithya! Wish you a happy Pongal!
    Thanks Arti! I wanted to give importance only to the character!
    Hey Liz! Love your comment! Thank you!
    Thanks Prabal! I like your observation :)

  7. hey how to get these blogs you are following with images like here in your blog?