Monday, November 30, 2009

Early morning in Jodhpur

Watercolor on Paper ( 15" x 20" )
At times I feel nothing is happening in my art career.Though I'm developing as an artist, my career isn't! As I've no one in the family to guide me, its like I'm wandering blindly, lost and confused as to how to proceed, progress and develop my career further. Sometimes I doubt if I have enough talent? Does participating in contests (online ones too) help? And does exhibiting frequently, regardless of the galleries, help? So many questions???
Thanks to blogging, now I have so many friends, and much experienced and talented artists at that, to whom I could turn to for advice!


  1. Your streetscapes are getting better and better. In this one the way the early morning light is hitting those shutters on the left side is brilliant.

    And please do not have doubts on yourself. You are a hugely talented artist.

  2. good painting.
    No doubt you have enough talent. Exhibiting definetely helps than not exhibiting.
    Are you looking for professinal artist as career? Have you considered contempoarary indian art?? (look at for example)

  3. I have no doubt of your talent. The talent is obvious. I keep hearing from experienced artists that talent is merely 10% of the game. The other 90% is work and perseverance. It rings true to me. Clearly you are laboring at your art, keep doing it, that's all there is to it. Think - why are you painting. Is it for career or because you cannot imagine doing anything else?

    Lovely painting as usual.

  4. The painting has a nice quiet calm before the streets get busy. The pye dog is a nice touch as well. I enjoyed this painting.

  5. Aaah Ramesh, I know how you feel! But your work is very distinctively yours and shows just how talented you really are. Keep painting my friend, keep exhibiting, and keep taking advantage of any workshop that comes your way. Enjoy the process of creating and all good things will come your way.

  6. You have raised several interesting questions. I think a person needs to know where they want to be as an artist. Do you want to earn money? do you want recognition? All of these things happen slowly along with your goal of learning and developing as an artist. Sometimes we feel we are growing and making progress, but there is no feedback or reinforcement about what to do next. That's why its important to have a personal goal. For example, I want to get about 10 to 15 large pieces done and then submit them to a gallery. I am also going to apply to do an art show in Toronto. I also regularly submit to International Artist Magazine. I guess you need to get the work out there, and then see what happens. Nothing will happen if it all sits in your studio. Also, getting recognition locally is a good place to start. I think Art With Liz said it perfectly...enjoy the creating, and things will happen.
    I really like this piece..the perspective is amazing and it has a very calm atmosphere with wonderful lighting.

  7. Thank you Prabal for your kind words!

    Thank you Sreenivasa! I have made a career change and want to be a pro! Contemporary indian art is mostly abstract and there are few takers for realistic paintings and hence the problem arises!

    Thank you Alex for your kind words! I paint because I cannot imagine doing anything else and also want to make it my career to support myself!

    Thank you Gold finch!

    Thank you Liz for encouraging me!

    Catherine, I definitely want recognition but also want to earn by my art.Thank you so much for your advice!

  8. Hi Ramesh.. very beautiful painting.Your street scenes are getting better and better! Its sad when a talented artist doubts his choice to be an artist; but I know how it is , in our country.(People advise me to paint what 'sells'!)
    you already have an exhibition under your belt, you should aim for more..Don't lose heart!

  9. Hi Ramesh.
    I really liked the answer given byu catherine jeffrey.
    Regarding our discussion,
    I agree contemporary art is not very realistic now but there are some contemporary artists like Riyas komu, T.V.Santhosh who are following realism and yet very successful today.

    check this painting whcih is very close to your style and it is sold at saffron. why i am refering saffron is because i feel it represents current art scenario of indain art very well.

  10. Thanks for the comment ramesh.
    Sorry about your experience with indianartcollectors. Actually i was going to give you the link of that site to try there. but i think its not needed now.
    I really have no idea why they rejected your work because i have seen many works there which are just like your work.
    I am sure all of the artists today who display there works at online galleries or regular galleries are rejected intially many times. So i think we should keep trying.
    I forgot to mention one artist who adapts realism very well in contemporary art.
    shibu natesan. google for him, might be useful.
    I Wish you all the best.


  12. Ramesh, it's brilliant !
    looking forward to see you at "chitra santhe" in namma bengaluru :)

  13. Thanks again for the link Sreenivasa! Saw Shibu's works but I'd like to mention here that though his works are in realist style, the theme is very abstract.So my point is either you paint abstract subject in a realistic style or paint realistic subject in an abstract style.This is indian contemporary art!

  14. Thanks PC! Looking forward to see you too :)

  15. Ok ramesh agreed. All the best for your art career.

  16. hey,i landed on ur blog quite accidentally,but i ve become a fan of ur paintings,they are marvellous..specially this one.

  17. All I know from my perspective is you have a wonderful talent. I love this painting!

  18. Lovely painting, beautiful colour and composition...lively street scene.
    Best regards
    Alan Harris

  19. Hi Ramesh,

    I have just got your beautiful and latest artwork at You are really a very finest artist and your artwork is impressive for art lovers. I hope we will see your art work and paintings in any latest exhibitions.