Thursday, November 19, 2009

Back from my trip

I was gone on a trip to Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore. I was fortunate enough to meet Milind Mulick in Pune and see him paint live. It was a visual treat! I am so thankful to him for guiding me and telling my strong and weak points. It was a truly learning experience. Also met Ajay in Mumbai and Prabal in Bangalore. It was nice seeing them face to face for the first time. Thank you so much guys! It was lovely meeting you both! Also visited a few galleries and did some enquiries while I was there. All in all it was a good trip, though the weather played the spoilsport everywhere!
Hopefully something good would come out of this trip :)


  1. Ramesh, has been a trip profit, always it is good to connect with colleagues that you admire, here this is very difficult.
    The problem is the rain not?

  2. Sounds great~
    the opportunity to learn
    from other artists.

  3. hallo Ramesh,
    I'm glad that your a trip was good
    best regards :)

  4. It was nice meeting with you. Was bit tied up and hope will paint together when we meet next

  5. Welcome back Ramesh and it must have been great meeting those artists whose work we see on their blogs - lucky you!

  6. Wow! You are into so many of things! It must have been great to have met all those fellow bloggers and painters in person!I still regret not meeting you while you visited Delhi.

  7. were able to meet with Milind!!?? How fortunate you are. So when are you coming to Indiana, usa....I will keep the porch light on for you.

  8. Ramesh,
    It was a great pleasure meeting you. Just back from my trip too.


  9. Kathy! Would love to see you!
    Prabal! Hope your trip was fine!
    Hi Sreenivasa! Lucky I am!

  10. Wow, Ramesh you are lucky...Just visited your blog for the first time, enjoyed viewing all your work. Your work is beautiful.

  11. What a great meeting time, Ramesh, three good painters at the same tima...¡I would like too...!

    A big hug for you three.


  12. Nice to see the photo of You and Milind. Your work is wonderful.