Friday, October 9, 2009


Mixed Media on Paper ( 15" x 20" )

This is a scene of Jodhpur in Rajasthan. Most houses in the old part of the city are painted blue. But some people also choose to color their houses differently like this building, a beautiful green which was so attractive and to complement it, there was a bike parked against its wall!


  1. Again one more photographic painting from you. This is nice and more so because the way you have used the green. Is the green pastels??

  2. Nice colors and light. from composition point of view i have one comment to make. window and cycle both are placed and painted with same importanace to have to focal points in painting. Either one depending on what you had in mind should have been subdude.

  3. Colour scheme is very close to real scene.

    If you have some photographs of old rajasthan, request you to send on my gmail email id.

  4. Beautiful detail and I love the vivid green background. The slight diagonal position lends so much interest and allows that stream of light and shadow to do it's wonderful dance. Lovely work!

  5. Thanks Prabal! Yes I have used oil pastels here!
    Thanks Ajay! Appreciate your comment!
    Thanks Yogesh, Gwen for your lovely comments!

  6. Oh! This is an Awesome painting!!
    You certainly played up your strengths-
    color and light... Wonderfully!!!

    I've wanted to say Thank You
    for listing me a blog you follow.
    It's an honor!

  7. Thanks Jill! The honor is actually mine! Your art is very inspiring and your words mean much to me!

  8. Your rendering of that bicycle is great and such a soothing color on the walls. Great job.

  9. ¡¡ Me encantan tus dibujos !!

    Tienen mucha fuerza y a la vez una gran delicadeza.Enhorabuena.


  10. Wow Ramesh, the colour and glow on the building is awesome. And the bicycle - such a nice touch!

  11. I like the red saddle in front of the green wall.
    Very nice! A fresh work!

  12. I m happy to found your wonderful blog ! hugh Kathrin

  13. Ah..what a wonderful composition here...and the greens are excellent.

  14. Ramesh!

    Green is my MOST favorite color! So when I saw this painting, I practically gasped out loud!