Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Turquoise Dress

Soft Pastels on Paper ( 15" x 20" inches )

I liked the contrast colors of the dress and the grayish wall and the way the light was falling on the turquoise dress.I just had to paint this!
P.S. Though I tried several times, the image didn't come out very well.The original looks much better!


  1. This is truly lovely Ramesh. Your colours are glowing!

  2. Hallo Ramesh, it's been a long time I came along.
    How beautiful this painting is, even if this is a photo of your original! The dress, the girl, the colors, the light, the pose... Bravo!

  3. Hi Mr.Ramesh. All your paintings are fantastic and worth so much. Loved all of them. Born artist man.. amazing talent. Keep it going. Loads in store for you.

    First time here and sure that I would be following you from now on. :)

    Do take a peep into my art blog when you find time.


  4. Hey Thanks Liz!You are so kind and encouraging!
    Thank you very much Annie!It's been a long time indeed!
    Nithya, Thank you so much for your lovely comments!

  5. I love everything about this Ramesh. The far away look on her face and relaxed body language and of course the beautifully intense color palette and wonderful use of light and dark. Absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Beautiful work, Ramesh!
    Kind regards

  7. Hi Ramesh this is a wonderful painting!Great colors.Never thought one could achieve that with pastels!Light is always a strong point of your paintings..So I guess its perfect!keep it up.

  8. Well so we have something in blue now. Thanks Ramesh. :) As usual nice. I like the way your paintings look... very Indian.

  9. Thank you so much,Gwen!
    Thanks Galina!
    Thank you so much, Arti!Working in pastels is fast,easy and so much fun!
    Prabal, I knew you were gonna say this!Thanks so much!

  10. its dificult to get deep tones in soft pastels,did you do anything special here unless used some imported pastels?

  11. Ajay, you guessed it right!I have used imported pastels here.

  12. Dear Ramesh, I like very much this soft pastel painting. I want to tell you, to reply your question, that soft pastel doesn't support more than three touches with pastel: more than it gives you an "Analive" work, how to say it....the work dye it all, as if the light had gone away...It's something similar as in watercolor when you insist too much and then you get a "dirty" watercolor. I hope I'm been able to help you.

    Big hug.


  13. Really lovely.. i love the way the light falls on the blue dress and the shadows created...

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  14. Such beautiful colors, great job. I'm really enjoying your blog.