Thursday, April 10, 2014


Last month, I was commissioned to paint my own paintings in watercolor. One of them was an earlier work done in oil. I agreed almost immediately! With the experience I've gained painting in watercolors all these years, I was eager myself to see how it would look in watercolors :) The sparkle on the water is the actual white of the paper which was protected using masking fluid.
The second one was of a watercolor done last year. The size ordered however, was half of the original. And painting the third one was interesting. The buyer had seen a little sketch of the painting ( 5 x 7") which I had posted on facebook and wanted a larger version of the same (14 x 21"). I happily obliged since it was a favorite subject - the bicycle! :)
Here are their images

'Shimmering water' - remake of an earlier oil painting in watercolor
'Working early', watercolor, 10 x 14 inches

 'Holi in Varanasi', Watercolor, 21 x 14 inches

Besides these, I also sold 2 more watercolors to an art lover in the US this month

'Esplanade Traffic, Kolkata' Watercolor, 9 x 21 inches

'Crossing the Hooghly', Watercolor, 9 x 21 inches

I had received inquiries for these 2 paintings several times, but they never converted to sales. I'm very happy that it finally did and that they have found a good home in the US. :)


  1. Hello Ramesh, I have only just learned of you and your art this very day, through an email for the Bold Brush Competition. When I saw your name, I said, I have to look at the work. I've spent a total of 17 weeks in India, and see some of the places that I've been in your work. I work in oils, and went with a friend each of the 3 times to paint en plein air. It's lovely that through your work, I was trasported back to India today. Congratulations on your award! Now, I'll sign up for your blog.

  2. Hi Ramesh, did not know your work. I visited your blog and it is very good, you have a great job, fantastic. From now follow your blog and I also add it to my list of blogs.
    Ricardo Azkargorta

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