Saturday, April 20, 2013


'Bicycle for hire'
Watercolor on Saunders Paper
21 x 29 inches

Hi has been long since I last posted here! I have decided to relocate to Bangalore and so quite busy since last month. It's hard to believe that I haven't painted since a month which is really frustrating...looks like it will take some more time!
This one was done sometime ago. This is a  full sheet watercolor and my first one...and though the full blank sheet seemed daunting at first, I'm quite happy with the result since I chose a simple subject :)
Also wanted to share the good news that 2 of my paintings were sold recently. The first one was picked up by a collector during the Bombay Art Society's annual show and the second one by one of my buyers from Delhi. Here are their images

 'End of the day, Varanasi'

'Working Early'


  1. Always enjoy your bicycle paintings. I like the looseness of the watercolor application in the background.
    You must be missing hurry up and get organized so you can get back to work! All the best in your new place and congrats on the sales.

    1. Thanks a ton Catherine! Your words are so encouraging :)

  2. Hi ,

    I love your watercolors. Beautiful....The light in "working early" painting is amazing !!! Love to see more such works.

    1. Hi Jes,
      Thank you very much. I'm glad you like my work. :)

  3. Hi Rames, long time without going through here, today I have taken the time to do it and quietly enjoy your work. Overall I liked a lot, I was still a little on the facebook.
    Glad your sales.
    A hug for you and your family, I hope're happy in the new place where you have moved.

    1. Hi nice of you to go through my work inspite of you being busy. Thank you very much!
      A big hug :)

  4. Beautiful !! Your blog is wonderful journey through water colours.. :)