Saturday, September 17, 2011

The importance of sketching

The importance of sketching has always been stressed by the masters. Some may feel that when painting from photographs, its not really necessary to do a preliminary sketch. I, for one, used to feel the same. It may be okay in case of simple subjects but when some subjects are really complicated, you need to simplify, or when you feel that some colors may be changed or pushed to create a mood, then a sketch or a little study really helps.

Anyway…doing a small sketch is always so much fun J


  1. I agree, Ramesh. They're fun, quick and easy, and quite often save you from drastic mistakes in a larger painting.

  2. Nice sketches Ramesh.You have a unique style of expression.

  3. small study/sketches of wide suggestions, so poetic and wonderful.

  4. I am following u since few months.. I was so impress with works u do.. I specially like ur street and rain pictures.. they are just awesome !

    In ur sketch u have used pencil and ink right ?

  5. @Catherine,
    Very true!

    Thank you Shubhankar!

    Thanks Sadeu and Mr.Jamal!

    Thank you. Yes, its ink, pencil and sketch marker.

  6. Seguramente le habrán dicho muchas veces que es muy bueno con la acuarela y estoy totalmente de acuerdo. Felicidades desde Canarias. Un saludo

  7. Dear Ramesh, I'm very much impressed by all your artworks. Light, colors, emotions and composition are in perfect balance. I will follow your blog with great interest. Regards from Belgium, Frieda

  8. painting defines me a deep emotion, deep thoughts, deep intention.. and the "ART"