Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pink Flowers

Watercolor on paper
11 x 15 inches

Usually flowers are not my preferred subject but seeing some floral paintings by some very good artists got me inspired to paint them and anyway I feel that an artist should try painting various subjects! I also looked for some good books on painting flowers and have short-listed a couple of them. Meanwhile, I tried to paint these pink flowers (don't know what they are called... :)) from my garden and really enjoyed it :)


  1. These sets of flowers came out so well! You are very accomplished in many branches of art!

  2. These are really fresh and eye-catching, Ramesh. Lovely!

  3. Thank you Prabal :)

    Hi Marie,
    Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. Your words are much encouraging :)

    Thanks a lot Catherine! Glad you like it!

  4. Ramesh personally, I consider that a good painter should never be pigeonholed in one subject, you have to do all sorts of topics that appeal to you and guide you to view them, to feel. The two flowers I like very much and are very accurate color.
    After knowing that I am the wife of Vincent, understand what my eagerness to paint and I'm glad to see painters good and my enthusiasm for the color, I live day by day, I am also your representative and your worst enemy to in criticizing his work.
    I understand the artists quite well and how hard it is his life many times and how demanding they are with their work.
    A hug

  5. yes...that is the name I was trying to tell you. I was beginning it with a V. LOL. It is a lovely painting. It also reminds me of the trumpet vine, but those flowers are orange. Keep painting.

  6. Splendid and wonderfully delicate, you should insist on painting flowers :-)

  7. Dear Kathy,
    So finally you are able to post your comment here! And I found out the correct name of these flowers- Nerium Oleander :)

    Hi Jane,
    Thank you for your kind comment. Yes, I'll be doing some more flower paintings :)