Friday, June 17, 2011


" Bougainvilleas"
Watercolor on paper
11 x 15 in.

This is a very recent painting and now its sold to a gentleman in Delhi along with my 3 other paintings namely Vivid Wall, Sunset Riders and Wet Road. All are my favorites and its difficult for me to let go of them although I'm very happy that they have found a good home :)


  1. Beautiful, Ramesh. Congradulations on the sale!

  2. Congratulations!1 Beautiful work, the gentleman from Delhi has got an excellent taste !

  3. You know what I like your work. I'm glad when I sold, congratulations.
    a hug

  4. What a gorgeous painting man! Congratulations on the sale.
    I wanted to ask what paper do you use for your watercolours?

  5. @Studio at the farm,
    Many thanks for your kind wishes!

    Dear Jane,
    Thank you very much! Yes, you are right :)

    Dear Concha,
    Thanks for always encouraging me with your positive comments!

    Hi Vinayak,
    I use both Indian handmade and imported ones like bockingford, canson and fabriano. Recently I purchased Arches and waterford. Yet to try them :)

  6. Ramesh, this is stunning. I love the looseness of the brushwork and the colors glow. You talent covers all subjects I guess! Congrats on the sales.

  7. Well, it's no wonder it sold! Stunning!

  8. Thanks a lot Catherine and Liz! Your words are much appreciated!

  9. You are doing great, Ramesh..keep it up :)