Thursday, March 17, 2011

Evening at Marina beach

Watercolor on paper
14 x 19 in.
Whenever in Chennai, I try to visit the Marina beach, a very popular tourist point. This is painted from one of my reference photos of the beach.


  1. Looks like a photo.. Liked the shadows on the snad..

  2. Nicely painted and fresh colors.
    I think most of your photo references are taken with wide angles ( with P&S cameras beacuse of crop factor most photos even at higher focal lenght are wide angle). In this painting it's not the problem rather it enhances the expanse but in some of your roards or bazar paintings I find roads too wide. on Full frame SLR 50 mm focal length is considered normal human viewing angle equivalent so try and take shots at 50x crop factor of camera to get noraml view. e.g. if crop factor is 2 then take shot at around 100 mm. You would find the crop factor in camera manual.

    in this painting there is something distracting in righthand side bottom corner and only legs of some seating person are seen just above it. this could have been avoided. Rather couple of standing full figures would have enhanced the painting.
    Overall I liked the painting.

  3. Lovely clousa man! The blue in the shadow enhances the effect of sunlight.

  4. very nice ramesh.. I really like your understanding of light and shadow, that blue colour shadow on the sand is so unthinkable(if one was to paint it) but you make it so convincing..

  5. Fantástica, me encanta el color en particular estas sombras, enhorabuena.

  6. @Prabal
    Thanks! Yes, the shadows were really attractive :)

  7. @Ajay,
    Thanks for your valuable comment! I didn't pay much attention to the wide angle matter because I didn't see much difference. The only problem in wide angle photos are that the angle of the buildings at the edges are distorted which I correct in my paintings.
    Secondly, I tried removing some figures as you pointed out but it wasn't convincing. You can't expect all to be within your frame. It would be but natural that there are people outside your frame too. As far as the bottom right is concerned, I tried removing that too but I didn't like it. Standing figures would mar the other people sitting in the middle and would also clash with the two boy figures.
    But of course these are my personal views and I may be wrong! I thank you for letting me know your opinion. It will only help me. In fact, I feel that all artists must see others' works as critics and point out their mistakes, if any, and guide them :)

  8. @Vinayak,
    Thanks for liking :)

    I'm so glad you liked this one!Thanks :)

  9. @F.M.Marrouch,
    Muchas gracias por tu amable comentario.

  10. Beautiful piece. I like the perspective which gives us a sense of the size of this beach. I am not bothered by the shadow bottom right, it doesn't matter what it is, the strong value draws the eye in and around the picture.

  11. ¿que azul es? me parece una acuarela preciosa , enhorabuena .

  12. Excellent, Ramesh..the shade on the beach is great!Well done.

  13. @Catherine, thank you very much! Your comment was much helpful!

    @Karlitos, Thanks for visiting my blog and placing your kind comment!

    @Arti, thanks for the encouraging words!

  14. The homogenity of space has created a "momentum" perfectly conserved.This is a classic.But lets not over rate it or Ramesh will ask too much for it!

  15. Excellent lighting effect cheers