Monday, October 11, 2010

After Rains

Watercolor, 15 x 20 in.

Another one from my Kerala trip...The name of this road is Gujarati Road as there are many gujaratis living in this part of Cochin, known as Fort Kochi!

P.S. I am not able to post any comment on my blog...seems theres some problem. So I wish to convey my thanks to all of you for your valuable comments! They are much appreciated.


  1. Dear Ramesh,
    Lovely, lovely work! Colors and handling value, especially reflection on water look beautiful.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  2. Fantastic work as ever :) love the bright yellow building and the water on the road :)

  3. I know this took alot of work and I just want you to know how much we all appreciate it. Beatuifully done.

  4. Have been following your blog for a while and all your work leaves me amazed.Love the busy look of your paintings..Same goes with this..Great work!!

  5. - Following your lovely ART-blog is like travelling in your wonderful country . All your paintings are very nice and full of light colours !!!

  6. @Sadami, thank you very much for your lovely comment :)
    @Nithya, thanks a ton!
    @Kathy, thank you so much for appreciating :)
    @Yasha, thanks for following my blog and placing your kind comment. Glad to meet you :)
    @Art-traveller, thank you very much for taking the time and placing your positive comment!

  7. This is terrific Ramesh - so much detail and activity going on in this one!

  8. lovely colors, great handling of such a busy scene - what stands out for me even more is your people - you capture such movement & grace with simplicity!

  9. It’s always a pleasure
    to see such a Wonderful Work
    good creations

  10. I really like the people, the puddles and the bright cheery colors!