Wednesday, June 24, 2009

After the exhibition...

I have not painted anything yet after my exhibition.Wondering what to paint and should I really continue?I mean I still have forty plus paintings left with me of various subjects...figures,landscapes,still lifes.Which subject should I continue?Is it better to stick to a single subject?Those which were sold were of mixed themes.So definitely its not easy for me to settle on one. Anyway,I'm leaving on a tour to Rajasthan and Delhi and so will not be able to post for sometime.Posting some images of my sold works.See ya!

Watercolor on Paper (9" x 13.5") Sold

Color pencils on paper (11" x 15") Sold

Charcoal & Color Pencils on Paper (12" x 16") Sold


  1. Wow, these are all great, but I must say that I really like the color key of the top one.

  2. Lovely paintings, the figures are stunning pieces. I'm sure you'll find the correct subject soon.

  3. I like the details of the second one. Lovely painting...All the very best for your journey...Enjoy! :)

  4. Thank you very much Jeremy!
    Thanks Fabio!I too hope so.
    Hey Megha,Thanks!Its one of my favorites.

  5. Good thing you are taking a will be refreshing..pity I am not in delhi right now..we could have met! Drop me a mail when you are there...

  6. Fabulous pieces, especially the figures, not surprised they sold. And you will start painting again.....and soon. I think it best to go with whatever interests you, in terms of subject. I have tried to just concentrate on portraits, but it gets tedious, and I yearn to paint something else. As for forty works.......I have a shed and loft full, have some catching up to do. Actually it is very interesting to take a look at old stuff, visit old ideas, so all the stuff I have sold, and forgotten half of them, are as nothing now.
    Have a very good trip, Ramesh.

  7. These are incredible Ramesh. Enjoy your break, come back refreshed, and paint from the heart.

  8. Thanks for posting your beautiful work. I hope you have a wornderfully refreshing and relaxing time.

  9. Thanks Arti!
    Thank you very much Sharon for your wonderful advice and encouragement!
    Thanks Liz and Kathy!

  10. I really like the first one! Great shades of blue in it and the light is just excellent!

  11. Fantastic works, Ramesh.



  12. hey ramesh !

    gr8 job man !

    don't stop ...ever

    sunjoy khanna