Monday, April 20, 2009

New Post

Charcoal and pastel on tinted paper (9" x 12")

Couldn't post for the past few days as I had been busy with my cousin's marriage.It was lovely and so much fun meeting my cousins and relatives after a long time!
BTW my show has been postponed due to some reasons.It will now be held in June.Preparations are still going on!
I'm posting this charcoal and pastel drawing which I did recently.I decided to add a little bit of color to this almost monochromatic drawing to make it interesting.


  1. This is lovely, Ramesh. Such a peaceful scene. I like the hint of color. Congratulations on your cousin's wedding. Always fun to celebrate love!

  2. Great painting , Ramesh...Good to have you back.You have created a beautiful effect with minimum strokes here..i like it very much!

  3. Such a tranquil image, and I like the little touch of color but I think it would look good even without it.

    Love the reflections in the water.

    Good luck with your show!

  4. Ramesh ,I am feeling a great tranqility in your work...just amazing!

  5. reminds me of tranquil manna dey song set like "o majhi re..."

  6. Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments.
    I think "O Majhi Re" would make a great title for this one!The song was actually sung by Kishore Kumar.

  7. You've captured such a beautiful mood of peace and tranquility in this Ramesh, and that bit of colour is just oh so right!

  8. such simplicity is a mark of a true master :)

  9. I just went "ahhhhhh" when I saw tranquil! Adding the gold really brings it to life.

  10. Ramesh!

    Very simple and so elegant at the same time.

    Fantastic job capturing the sunlight sparkling down on the water.

    Love the limited color palette too.

    Really neat!


  11. I feel touched by the feeling of this picture. So well done!