Saturday, March 7, 2009

Deshnoke Station in Mist

Watercolor on paper (11" x 15")

DESHNOKE- my native place in Rajasthan.I took this photograph a few years back when I visited the place.It was very cold and but for its light,the oncoming train was barely visible.
Deshnoke is a small village situated about 30 kms from the city of Bikaner.It is a popular tourist place, well known for the very famous Karni Mata Temple.The wonder of this temple are the thousands of rats  called 'kaba' that roam and reside inside the temple.They are considered very sacred and auspicious, and harmless.One has to walk very carefully to avoid stepping on them.

Image taken from the temple's website


  1. Hi Ramesh, thanks for the welcome back on my blog! You have so captured the mist in this painting, it is stunning with that hint of colour at the station. As for the rats! Well they actually look kind of cute in the pic. It's nice when people don't consider killing everything in sight. Interesing post.

  2. You are a fantastic artist...superb work with water colors..:)

  3. I think you keep getting better..
    nice work!!