Friday, February 27, 2009

Misty scene at the station

Watercolor on paper (11" x 15")

Did this yesterday.This was painted from a photograph taken by me on my recent trip to the north east in January.It was 8 AM.My train had come to a halt at a station.I had just woken up and when I got down,I was just awestruck by the beauty of the misty scene.I hurried for my camera lest my train leaves the station.Thankfully it didn't and I was able to take several snaps.   


  1. ahhh gorgeous soft misty looking painting. I came here from Arti's blog and glad I did.

  2. A very good peice, Ramesh...the mist makes it more beautiful.

  3. Thanks Ajay!Your painting is beautiful too!
    Thanks Sandy for your lovely comment and for following my blog!
    Arti,Thank you very much.I enjoy painting rainy and misty scenes.

  4. Hello RameshJhawar , I liked a lot all the paintings, well done!!!

  5. soo awaking..!!
    you totally made me jump into the scene...
    I saw myself...sitting on the bench and having a hot chai on this slightly misty morning ..
    How do you do it ? I mean how can you put all such feelings in a single painting...!
    hats off again...!!

  6. Whoa Padmini!Thank you very much.I wanted to convey what I felt when I saw the scene and seeing that you felt the same sensation,I feel rewarded!