Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My favourite singer

Pastel on Tinted Paper
Mohammed Rafi-The legendery singer of classic indian film music .He is my most favourite singer.He is my idol.I equally love music.I sing and play the keyboard as well.I have given performances on stage too,singing Rafi's songs.I hope to paint other great singers' portraits too and hang them in my music room!


  1. you use all the mediums effectively.

  2. Thank you Ajay.But because of this,I also face a dilemma every time in choosing a medium for a new painting!

  3. your painting is quite appreciable.I am also a die hard fan of Rafi Saheb.I also play Keyboard and write articles in newspaper.I have written so much about Rafi.I love painting.Can u send me Audio or Vedio recording of ur performance?Which keyboard do you have?I like all the songs of 1956 to 1970 and some melodious and those with good orchestration.give some information about u.
    Rajan Mehta

  4. Hi Rajan!Please let me know your email id or your contact number so that I can contact you.There are no such details in your profile.

  5. Wonderful portrait. I love the quickness of style.

  6. dear rameshji wonderful portrait i would like to invite to visit rafi saabs blog i have posted rare pictures and videos and articles on rafi saab to go to next page you have to click older posts you will find bottom of every page total over 300 pages are there kindly visit all the pages kindly visit this link take care


    mohamed parvez

  7. Dear Ramesh! inspiration is the correct word to become something since, one is inspired by the environment,Culture,and upbringing and, to make it work perfectly, one has to understand Basic of meditation since, meditation is deep indulgence to one's inner self.This wisdom was and, few other things were told to me by the GreatLegend Al-Haj Mohd Rafi saheb when, I met him in the greens of the Pacific during His Tour to the Pacific! Ion my first meeting with the Legend bowed to touch His Feet instead, He held me halfway down and embraced me stating, that this is what the great legend K L Saigal did when I wanted to touch HisFeet so,I on this juncture asked Al-Haj to give some Nasihat,Updesh or say some wise or senior advice!
    His reply was "Never Ever Hurt anyones Feelings"Attune to your PhysicalSelf to your Innerself and belive and follow what comes to Mind" Be allways Fair and Maintain Justice towards every Being and Existence and allways be Honestwhether it be Action or Thought"The legend further stated by following These Wisdom of Life you will never go Wrong and ,Fame,Fortune and Natures special Blessing will be allways bestowed upon you!
    So Here it is Pal,i am passing the Legends wisdom to you while, on your Singing Keep a regular practice of"Alankaar"and do not forget to tell the Audience that this Song was firstly sang by the Singer who initially sang it, and please do not do What some Rafi Song singers are doing ie; recording the sung song in their Voice and destroying or trying wiping the legendsOriginal Version of Net or even trying to destroy His Recordings altogether,How far These Thieves will go its only God Knows but in
    conclussion I know and the world knows that"Hazaaro Saal Jub Shabnam Apne Be-Noori pur Roti Hai tub Kahin Jaa Kur Chaman Me Noor Roshan Hota Hai"Al-Hajkaaide Taslim Mohd Rafi Saheb was the Noor( divine light) in the Hindustani singing Arena and willremain on the top for many many Years tol Come.
    Penning of and Best of Luck in your ambition,may Fame,Fortune be at your Portal forever and Ever! Aameen! Thatta'Aastoo!
    MHK at