Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Featured in Watercolor Artist and Splash 18

Very happy to be featured as one of the artists in the latest issue of the Watercolor Artist magazine and also to be included in the latest Splash 18 magazine. Its an honor and a proud moment for me to be included in both these prestigious magazines and I wholeheartedly thank the editors and the publishers.
Links given below, if anyone wishes to order copies (both print & as digital download)
Watercolor artist -
Splash 18 -

Check out their video preview as well.


  1. Hi Ramesh,

    I just finished reading your article in the Watercolor Artist magazine and enjoyed every bit of it. Your paintings tell a story and each one has its own character. I also liked all the tips you gave for a beginner artist. I also paint in watercolors but I have a long way to go. After reading your article I realized that patience is so important. I hope to see you in many more places. It's such an honor to be in this elite magazine. Good luck!


    1. Hi Megha! Thank you so much! Happy that you liked my article. Happy painting with watercolors!