Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bike in the sun

Watercolor on Paper
14 x 21 inches
(Photo reference courtesy of Adam Shane. Thank you Mr.Adam)

Another bicycle...
Used a Fabriano Rough paper for the feel of the textured wall...


  1. Beauty, Ramesh. Love the colors in the shadows.

  2. Once again your bicycle painting is very charming. I love the window shape that refers to Eastern culture. The sun is especially present in the scene!

  3. So is this the bike that you will use to ride over to Indiana so that we can meet and paint together? LOL Very nicely done. You do these bikes so well.

    I am having trouble posting this under my name so I will try this and it will be me....kathy

  4. Thank you very much Kathryn!

    Hi Mj...Thanks!

    Thanks Prabal!

    @Roger Brown,
    Thanks a lot! Very pleased to hear that :))

    Hi Marie,
    Many thanks! Your comment is much appreciated.

    So its you Kathy...LOL! Yes, riding it would do much good...but to Indiana...I don't stand a chance ;)

  5. What a beautiful ray of light on the wall and the bycicle, really well done !

  6. @Lydie, thank you very much. Comment much appreciated.

    Thanks Shubhankar!

    Thank you Sadeu!

  7. this is absolutely fantastic !! gorgeous brilliance and light !! Bravo !!