Friday, July 9, 2010

Bangalore Group Show

My group show with Prabal and Praveen was great! I wish to thank both of them. They were very kind and helpful and I really had a wonderful time with them!
The show was inaugurated by Prabal's and Praveen's family members along with some senior artists who were also present there. Though there were lots of visitors at the show on all days, very few were interested in buying. Also we felt that our show wasn't very well promoted and we couldn't reach out to many people. Anyway, as this was our first show in this city, we learnt a lot from this experience. Planning to do some more shows together! During the show some of my favorite paintings got sold and I'm so thankful to my buyers.

Inaugurating the show by lighting the auspicious lamp

Prabal and me with senior artist Mr.Ramachandran

With other senior artists

Visitors at the show

My art collectors


  1. Congrats on your show!! It looks like it was a lot of fun, beautifully done :)

  2. Ramesh, Congratulations on the show and the sales. It looks like a very nice show.

  3. @Crystal, thanks! Yes it was fun!
    @Michelle, thank you! It was a good experience!

  4. Wow buddy.. Congrats.. Way to go. You really have a great future. :)

  5. Well done Ramesh - at least you sold, and as you said, it was a good experience. From the pics you've posted, your paintings are quite big! That's fantastic. I love Big!

  6. Congratulations with this nice show, also for Prabal and Praveen.
    I recognize your work on the wall and as Liz says, they are bigger than I thought. I like big works to.

  7. Good information, Ramesh. Thanks for posting.

  8. Thanks a lot Nithya, Liz, Annie and Candace!

  9. I m so sorry i couldnt make it! My daughter feel ill. i hope to meet u fine artists in future exhibits! best wishes!

  10. Congratulations for you, Prabal and Praveel, it must be a pleasure to watch in place the exhibition. Don't worry if you haven't sold works, or a few...I don't know how it is in your country, but here, I can say that is more difficult to sold in a collective exihbitión than in an solo, perhaps because people don't know what to do with such a lot of good watercolours.... Don't worry, the most important now is to know the visitors opinion, and perhaps in a next ocasion, it will be different, better than now.

    A big hug for you three.